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Message Storage

 Any way messages can be kept online so each time we clear data/reinstall Talk2 that our msgs stay persistent through installations?

I know chikka does this but I do not want to use chikka for txting as it costs my gf there in Philippines to txt me back unlike Talk2 which doesn't cost her anything.Sometimes if app acts up where I need clear data or reinstall I miss msgs from her and no way to see them.

Also another thing, do we need keep confirm our number each time we clear data/reinstall? it's really annoying and hoping there a better way we can login which requires us to confirm our number only 1 time.

Also 1 more thing.. minor thing, will there be web version of Talk2? or at least just sms part of it.Where we can txt through website like chikka without having use app.Can combine the 2 ideas above :P

Thank you for your time, Happy Holidays!

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